The creation of a CD to teach grammar: the use of in-on-at

  • María José Rodas Luque Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador in Esmeraldas


This study has as its main objective to create an innovative and modern material, applying some approaches of second language acquisition and different language methods. The chosen topic to create the material was the use of prepositions in, on, and at. These prepositions are words used daily, and can be confusing for English language learners. The creation of this material takes into account theories about second language acquisition, language teaching methods, teachers and learners’ characteristics, and how they are related. The CD contains theory and practice. In the theory section, users are able to read explanations and examples about how the prepositions in, on, and at work. Meanwhile, in the practice section, there are controlled and free exercises. This CD is designed for beginners and intermediate teenagers’ students. It is developed according to their context and environment. The content used in the examples and exercises are related to facts or students know about their country or city.  Also, the CD is based on the idea that repetition helps students to use the language automatically. In summary, the results obtained in the questionnaire applied to twenty English teachers in Esmeraldas, who gave their opinions and points of view about the CD, show that it could give positive outcomes if it is designed and used in the classroom. However, it is necessary to use more pictures or videos to make it more interactive. 


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