Common Written English Grammatical Mistakes in the Students from the Applied Linguistics School at PUCE, Esmeraldas Campus


  • Boris P. López Estupiñán Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, Sede Esmeraldas


To determine the most common written English grammatical mistakes in the students from the Applied Linguistics School at PUCESE, a prospective quanti-qualitative investigation was carried out using the methods of analysis and synthesis and hermeneutic, with a survey which contained open and closed questions so as to know specific information and students’ opinions, and a test applied to all the students from the Applied Linguistics School, where they had to write a short essay about their expectations in the referred school. The results showed that all the students agreed that grammar must be taught through all the semesters so that they can learn this linguistic component of English appropriately. The most common written English grammatical mistakes are related to the use of the definite article, conjugation of verbs in the third person singular, use of prepositions, conjugations of verbs in the past, use of modal verbs and use of the passive voice. It is concluded that grammar should be taught with more frequency during the studies. Besides, teachers need a didactic material with activities and methodological orientations to work with grammar in the classroom.


Key words: grammar; written mistakes; English; students; Applied Linguistics


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